DIY Slime Ideas

If you are looking for DIY slime ideas then you will want to check out my favorite  Youtuber KimspiredDIY. She made these 3 cool diy slime projects: miniature Starbucks, mini Emoji and a fake balloon.  She recycled some plastic Easter eggs to make all 3. She is so unique and creative.  Love watching her fun and cool DIY videos.  Here is the slime video – you will want to try all 3 of these!

Phone Case DIYs

If you are looking for a cool and unique DIY phone case – Kimspireddiy has 5 DIY phone cases for you to try out.  She shows you how to make a slime phone case, holo diamond, squishy Kawaii popsicle,  edible bubblegum and an eyelash phone case.  This is one of my favorite channels to watch and this video is so cool and easy to follow and I now have a new phone case.  Here is the video if you want to check it out.

DIY Makeup School Supplies – 10 Ideas

Here is a fun craft project video that would make for some great party favor ideas or activities at sleepover party.  KimspiredDIY on Youtube has a ton of great videos that make great projects for parties and just for fun.  Any girl would love to make some of these fun school supplies that use old makeup items.  You can take a nail polish bottle empty it out and some paint let it dry and then the next day add an eraser and you have a nail polish eraser.  You can clean out the nail polish bottle and add glue.  You can also make a highlighter or pencil with a nail file.  Try a makeup brush into a bookmark.  I have already made the bookmark and highlighter.  My next project is going to be the eyeshadow notebook then the lip gloss glue and nail file pencil.  I want to eventually get to all of them.  If you want unique school supplies then you should make some of these cool ideas.  KimspiredDIY has so many fun videos.

Party Time Help

DreamworksTV on YouTube has a ton of videos related to parties and party hacks to help make your party a success.  With over 2 million subscribers you can find a video for just about anything.

Their newest video is party hacks – life hacks for kids. They teach you how to inflate balloons without blowing them up.  Make your own disco ball with a styrofoam ball and old cd’s.  Add to send the kids home they teach you how to make your own kool aid lip gloss.  So many cool ideas packed in this video.

Some of their other videos you might want to check out are: Slumber Party Ideas, Birthday Party Food Ideas, Party Leftover Ideas (if there are any), Disco Party Fun, Indoor Party ideas,  and ways to keep the party going. With kids giving you these ideas they are sure to be a hit at any kids party.  YouTube is full of ideas for birthday party celebrations as far as themes, ideas and favors.  You may just want to check out DIYs if you are looking for some cool party favors.  And if Youtube doesn’t do the trick for you then head on over to Pinterest and search for party themes or party ideas and you are sure to find something that will fit your style.

Girls Party Themes

Do you need ideas for your kids upcoming party? Having a hard time trying to figure out a theme? Celebrate your girls birthday party with one of these great themes:

  • Spa
  • Dance
  • Ice Skating
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Sleepover
  • Pool
  • Disney Princess
  • Shopkins
  • Emoji

These are just a few suggestions that are all fun themes that girls will love.  After you pick a theme then you need to choose – food, activities, cake & party favors.

Here is a great video to watch from DanicaMMakeup – she has some ideas for food, decorations and more that are perfect for teen girls.